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20 Rules for Investing Success

Mental Insights to Trading and Investing on the Stock Market

20 Rules for Investing Success: Mental Insights to Trading and Investing on the Stock Market is a book where I share my key rules about investing and trading stocks in the stock market. Use these rules as a guideline to improve your trading strategies and systems within the markets. These rules are concepts, ideas, and methodologies that you can use to get you to thinking differently about trading, evolve your strategies, and bring you closer to consistency.

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How to Start a Profitable Blog Business that Makes You Money!

Creating and Setting Up Your Blog Website

In this book we will cover the fundamentals and basics of how you can start a profitable online blog business. I will share with you my quick tips to getting started as well guide you through the process of setting up your own blog business.

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Business Launch Pad

Business Launch Pad is focused on showing you the critical concepts on how to build a profitable business from scratch. Even if you have a business you will learn how to accelerate it into hyperdrive. This book focused on the foundational concepts, setup structure, essentials of marketing, and time-saving productivity tips. Pick it up today by clicking one of the links below.

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100 Stock Trading Tips

100 Stock Trading Tips is my newest stock trading book that was written to get traders to start thinking differently about the markets and their trading strategy. In this book I discuss taboo topics that most people ignore, don't want to admit to, or just never heard of. This book doesn't just list the tips, but gives you a detailed explanation for every single tip.

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Day Trading Domination

Day Trading Domination is a course that has over 130+ hours of screen footage time lapsed at 1000% speed. I will show you how to properly select stocks to day-trade. You will get my insider tips and 20 serious examples. We focus on sharing a majority of profitable trades so that you build muscle memory on spotting and finding successful trade setups. The course is over 8+ hours on 8+ DVDs!

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Learn Option & How to Make More with Less Money

Trading Options: Foundation, is an options course which focuses on giving you a solid understanding behind the fundamentals of options so that you can see the bigger picture behind trading options professionally.

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I am scheduling helpful coaching sessions for people who are interested in real-world advice & guidance where you only pay per session. No long term commitment required.

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