Lifting your weight

June 16th, 2016

Life at times seems like a never ending to-do list. First, we need to get this thing done then we need to get that thing done… For some people it never seems to end.

There might be a lot of weight on your shoulders from all these external sources. The pressures might make it hard to breathe and at times it is tough to move forward.

Unfortunately, that pressure and weight can only be lifted by you.

Surrounding yourself with positive energy through other people might help, but few people know your true inner struggles. They don’t walk in your shoes, they don’t feel what you feel, and they don’t know your struggles.

The inner struggle you have, the weight, the pressure, and the mental battle that you have with yourself is one of the hardest battles.

When you get to a point where you feel you can’t do it, you can’t go on, can’t move forward – THIS IS YOUR TRUE TEST.

If you pass this test – that is where the magic happens, that is where everything comes together, and where you will feel complete.

It takes time to get there… some people can guide you, but ultimately you are the one that has to do the heavy lifting.

It’s your battle, your weight, your journey – so keep lifting. You can do it.

Time, Energy, Costs, and Haircuts

June 10th, 2016

COSTS + HAIRCUTS: This morning I gave myself a quick haircut. Some may wonder why do I give myself a haircut… is he broke? Does he not have enough money? The fact is people who ask these questions only look at things surface level deep and do not see the bigger picture nor do they understand the “true costs”.

I used to go get haircuts from a “professional”…

After a few years when I start becoming more “aware” of myself and the world I realized this was exceptionally expensive. And I’m not talking about money…

Money is what the “average” person thinks about (that was me before). I’m talking about time and energy.

Depending on how long it takes you to book an appointment, go to the haircut studio, wait 5 mins for them to clean things up, get your hair cut, and drive back – this is very expensive. There are also secondary costs like your car – the usage, mileage, gas, etc but even that isn’t a big deal compared to the “time and energy” you personally spend.

Some times I showed up and there was a 20-minute wait even with an appointment! Costing me nearly an hour of my time that I could have used to do other things.

The richest people like Mark Cuban have always said that time is one of his most precious commodities. Even if you are not a billionaire to have your own private hair stylist remember the “costs” associated with simple tasks and what you can do to cut those down. If we say it takes 50 min per haircut between the commute and wait times over one year (10 haircuts) is 500 hours. In 60 years that’s 30,000 minutes (500 hours) 20 days.

If you cut this down to just 25 minutes you save 10 days of your life or 15,000 minutes.

It is not about the money. It is about the “cost” of your time, energy, and opportunity cost.

Is it worth it that you might have missed a little hair here or there? Are you socially worried what someone will think? Then you still don’t see the bigger picture.

Know what to do when you get in trouble

April 11th, 2016

When I initially started trading I had no clue what I was doing. My strategy was basically to buy a stock and sell it within the next day. Sometimes this would mean I would sell the stock within 24 hours and other times I would hold the stock for three or four days to get it above my initial entry price.

After all making a few extra bucks per month was not bad considering it was grocery/food money.

However little did I know that we were in a bullish market. The risk was minimal. In the end, everyone is a genius in a bull market.

Eventually, those things catch up to you and my strategy in my system stopped working. As things started to turn around, I incurred more losses and major mental setbacks because I’ve never experienced difficult market conditions.

See the thing is when we start something we often have this concept of beginners luck. Sometimes it happens by chance because of timing. The time that I was trading when I started were the good times….

But true experience, true professionalism, and a true success is when you can overcome the difficult bumps in the road. It comes from when you know what to trade, how to trade, in favorable conditions, and terrible conditions.

Remember that anyone can be a genius in a bull market. But learning what to do when you get in trouble will keep you in this business for the long-haul.

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