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Hi, I’m Sasha Evdakov, and I focus on educating and helping people develop their businesses and build wealth. I love to study a variety of topics such as business, marketing, finance, and stock trading, but more importantly, I love to push people like you… I love to push people past their comfort zone, to make you think differently, and to get you to do things that are difficult and counter-intuitive because that’s what it takes to succeed.

Everything I do is focused on contributing back to education and helping people learn more about developing their business, personal finances, and lives. That’s my goal.

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My personal story

You can watch a video about my story from my stock market YouTube Channel:

We all have childhood moments that shape our lives. For some people it effects them more than others. As for me, you could say that my childhood greatly impacted my thinking, focus, mentality, and the way I conduct my business. It pulled me towards a driven mentality in entrepreneurship.

I never knew what entrepreneurship was at my youth, but in essence it is taking something from a lower value to a higher value.

I was born in Siberia, Russia and lived in my grandmother’s cottage with my grandpa, mom, and her brother. We were in a lower environment. The house was tiny – just two bedrooms, a small living area, a wood burning stove kitchen. I would say it wasn’t bigger than 500 sq feet. We didn’t even have plumbing and at times when we needed to bathe we had to ask the neighbors to use their sauna.

* The house I grew up in – Siberia, Russia (Notice the dirt road in the back) *


Some time passed and long story short, my mom met someone on a business trip in Europe, and after a few years we moved to Florida.

Things were definitely different after the move. We had a community swimming pool and a car. We were by no means rich Americans at this point.

When I started Elementary school (just walking distance away) my mom would often point out that “if you don’t go to school and study – you will work like that for the rest of your life” (as she points to the lawn service guys).

Seeing them all sweaty in their outfits and loud machinery at a young age scared me! It is because of what she said that day when I started school I showed up one to two hours early every day to my first grade class.

Between the life experience in Siberia and moving to Florida really motivated me to be better and extremely focused. It is because of these experiences that over the next decade I spend countless hours learning, studying, reading, and watching training videos on business, growth, and development.

How I started in business

When I was in middle school a project to create a CD cover and music jingle was assigned. One of friends (and future college roommate) worked on the jingle while I designed the CD cover. At the time we had a basic computer, but working on a few design programs I managed to design a CD cover. It was from there where things started to move.

I was like any other kid at the time – I enjoyed playing and that involved playing video games as well. At one point it got so bad that my parents said “if you don’t do something useful or productive on the computer you can’t be on it!”

Slowly I adjusted my focus to designing graphics for people starting off by selling basic logos to people on eBay back when you could sell digital goods. Then slowly moving to banner ads as the demand came and then websites. With time I built a big enough client base and I went into marketing and search engine promotion.

* Some design samples during my digital design days *


Back then things were easy because of the limited competition. If you built a website – people would come. Before I was a teenager I was already making a few thousand dollars per year.

Blogging start & my first large success

Around late middle school and right before I entered high school, one of my friends parents (Alan) wanted to create a website to sell diamonds. He sold diamonds and jewelry directly to stores, but he wanted to bring more exposure to his business.

Alan and I then worked on creating an eCommerce website where I did the development work and he handled the customers. As time moved on and my fascination with diamonds and investing grew – I decided to start a diamond blog that was more of a diamond wiki since we didn’t want to mix the sales side with the library of articles.

* Escrow check (back in the day when you actually received checks) after selling one of the blog websites which put me at the $100,000 profit mark for that year *


I continued to do design and development work for clients as well as managing this blog business under an alias (Frank Fisher).

By the time I entered college to study marketing, the diamond blog was generating a healthy profit so I started another diamond blog to corner the market.

A few years later the primary diamond blog was sold right after college and it was the first year where I generated over $100,000 from online business.

Getting into trading & investing

I become interested in stocks, investing, and trading during my teenage years.

My mom at the time worked as a private health care nurse and each time she visited the older patients they would watch and read about stocks. This intrigued her curiosity and she wanted to try it her self.

Since she was not as technically savvy she asked for my help. She would then make the stock picks or tell me what to do, while I executed the trades on the computer. This was nearly at the same time as I was growing my online business in web development and I decided to invest some money myself under my moms account.

We typically held stocks for a few days and came out on top many of times earning $200 to $500 per week in additional income.

Right before I went to college, my online business was growing and I had a significant amount of money for a person my age. I had my own trading account and investments, but I was still a naive trader. It is around this time-frame where I lost nearly $15,000 to $16,000 in one stock trading a biotech company. YIKES!

During my college time, I spent years studying the markets because that loss was significant and a wake up call!

It took me a few years to build my mentality back to confident levels after studying hundreds of books, courses, and individuals. It was a struggle to get back to those confident levels as I had to trade lightly until my confidence levels picked up, but I knew that the opportunities were there since I experienced it just a few years ago.

My life diagram and path

For some people it is easier to see how things progress through a diagram. I think everything we do moves us forward in a unique way. Some things may overlap and other things stem from our experiences, interests, and interactions with others. Here is my diagram of how all these things evolved to get me to where I am today.


How I got into teaching

You could say that education was my internal motivator and driver from the beginning.

My passion for teaching really grew for after training in the martial arts for many years. In high school I would help out around the Dojo and assist with basic warm ups. This eventually led me to running my own Dojo after my instructor gave it to me prior to retiring. It was either me running it or it was going to close – I choose to run it for a few years or until time permitted.

This fuel along with my previous business colleagues asking me how to market, get more sales, and develop their online presence eventually led me to focus on teaching online because I could reach more people.

I started slowly by posting little videos on online business and the stock market and things took off from there!

The stock market niche seemed to do pretty well because there weren’t many people posting education and my business training still continue to grow. Eventually I may move more into personal growth and development as this is core and root, but for the time being I am sticking to the areas where I can make an impact.

If you’ve watched my videos, courses, attended my trainings, or read my books – I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope to continue to contribute to you in the future with more educational knowledge and wisdom as I discover it along my own personal journey.

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